Friday, 4 December 2015

You miss me with borrowed metaphors

You miss me with borrowed metaphors
sing me songs that trigger chaos 
your love is an imaginary junction 
fleeting past an express train

Your kisses search in me 
forlorn women 
whom you've loved and lost
a few lifetimes ago

Every time you hug me
my heart gets in sync with yours
it takes infinite rounds of running
to get my rhythm back 

What do you see when you see me?
your eyes are the midnight sun
unbelievably warm and bright
and also frighteningly opaque 

In the fragrant hollow of your neck
lies an undulating pool of desires 
that threatens to drown me
unless I surrender to my thirst  

Your breathing is a lullaby
that rocks me to sleep
my soul gets tangled
in a dream of no goodbyes

Yet, I am not a woman 
you have fallen in love with
I am merely a poem 
you were born to write. 

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