Monday, 1 December 2008

responsibilities- collective and individual

they are looking for Bhagat Singh

they are calling for Indira Gandhi

these are times of crisis and everyone is in search of heroes, heroes who will take the burden of nation on their strong shoulders, so that we could go to sleep again. we need to realise that these heroes are not specially custom made but are people like us, the only difference being their acceptance of responsibility and their willingness towards doing something to change the society and make it a better place.

why don't we have 300 good people in our loksabha even once in five years? politicians have become the whipping boys for most of the people, and rightly so...but what right we have to blame them when we haven't voted and thus are indirectly responsible for the mess our politicians have made. i really loved the movie Rang de basanti, and the thing that made the deepest impression in me was the way it showed how Bhagatsingh, Chandrashekhar Aazad, Rajguru...they are one of us. its just that they are dormant, we all have a revolutionary inside us who needs to wake up now...the nation is calling.

they blame the youth of becoming passive, i think its because he is exposed too much and i blame the media for it. in the process of growing up they have played violent video games, seen media persons shouting at the top of their voices, watched films that are not to be viewed without adult supervision...and they have faced this all ALONE...i want to stress that the average youth is alone in their adolescent years in all the time he/she has spent at home. there is no one to explain things so they have grown with a distorted version of reality. they have become detached to human emotions, getting an overdose. and they don't know pain, because they have never faced it.

the media has completely shunned its responsibility and the brunt has to be borne by the society and people who are still sensitive enough to be offended by seeing the footage of blood covered roads after a blast, bodies strewn across and media persons commenting in the sharpest pitch explaining that there is blodd all if it is possible to miss it in anyway when it is so blatantly shown on our screens.

these are troubled times and we all have to take a greater share of responsibilities, keep a constant vigil so that the enemies of the nation find it difficult to attack. we need to be united, we are all part of one nation and no one should support the terrorists irrespective of religion, caste or geographical location. only when the common man awakes to the perils of inactiveness will we be able to secure ourselves from enemies within.

Bravery is believing in yourself, and that nobody can teach you.