Monday, 25 February 2013

The hyperbolic element

I am an example 
of controlled chaos.

Every element that makes me up
has a mind of it's own.
Each electron has its own maddening path.
Each desire manifested 
in some form of unbound energy.

Every voice in my head
screams out loud what it thinks.
My heart is the breeding ground
for a million diabolical conflicts.

I often wonder 
at the level of difference
between my circuits and
that of a hydrogen bomb.

An explosion in me
would trigger an atomic fusion 
devastating enough to swallow all definitions.

Merge Heaven and Hell
to create a plasma

akin to what remains after removal of blood cells
or your name from my memories...
Why do you stay a lifetime-light-years away?

I am a virgin planet.
You are the key to the code of my existence. 
Come, unravel me. 

1 comment:

PD said...

"I am an example
of controlled chaos."
-- 100% true. Yes you are.