Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tyrannies of love

Some people come in your life just to completely fuck you up from the break you down, toss you around, play with you with the innocence of a child, leave you utterly heartbroken and when you start falling apart you only begin to wonder why you still can't wrap your head around the fact that you love them. spite of and because of all question your belief in yourself and you ability to pull yourself together piece by piece. 

And one day you realize that you have actually gathered around all the pieces and stuck them together...and that's the same day you realize that you haven't put the pieces at the right places. Your heart is still frighteningly close to the memory of his eyes. 

You wonder when/if it ever gets over!

And finally...the pain sets in...the irrevocable sense of loss...the real reason you feared love in all its ferocity, it's destructive power raises its head. You writhe in agony, lose nights of sleep...and in the search of an anesthetic you dare to ask the person who put you through all this(mind you, you are still in love with him) if he has a cure.

And are labelled a MASOCHIST!

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