Sunday, 7 September 2008

i believe

Long time back in 2004, i had a mentor...Anupam Giri. it was a short period of time almost one and half months that i had the privilege to work with him, but his words scribbled on my autograph book have left a lasting imprint on me.
Believe....repeat believe
so these words echo on my mind and egg me on to move ahead at a speed of lightning and write whatever i want on the book of life.
it still seems outrageous for a girl...or say woman of 25 to think that some day she will be able to direct a film. there are very few woman directors in india...but my favourite movie of all times remains "Mr & Mrs Iyer" and it was directed by a woman, aparna sen...and i cannot forget that. the movie is one of the milestones of my life.
it was the time i just finished with my first documentary, and i was going through the process of editing while i saw the movie...the first thing that struck me in the movie was that there were several small instaces i felt the things portrayed can only be felt by a woman.
for some reason i believe that the way a woman percieves the world and a man does, there is a whole lot of difference and therefore when they translate their views of life its gone to be a lot different.
i believe i have a very different take on everything in life...and i really believe i can translate what i think in my head in to a myriad images. And that i will do
and that will be my kind of film.
to quote one of my favorite lines

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance


Dr. Nazar Mahmood said...

hope this fire remain till u complete ur mission of making movie...........
good luck

deeps said...

courage, convition and consistancy .. drop all these in your pocket .. and you are fully armord for the kill ...
after all you believe aleady

Razigan said...

Your aim is to make the movie. Plan (hook or crook one) and do the first things first. The trick is to consistently be consistent on your ambition.

In long term, U will be far ahead in the field from what u r now...........

By the way, the paradigms u speak is ubiqutous and that makes immense sense when u align them with ur reasoning ability.

neera said...

Its great to meet a woman like you. Absolutely woman & men perceive and see things differently and women are so much complex then men.

Rahul Dev Sharma said...

what a great thinking you have dear !

i really impressed .

best of luck dear